1541 Ultimate-I Firmware

Obliterator918’s custom 1541 Ultimate Firmware for “mark 1” units.

A "mark 1" 1541 Ultimate. (Wikipedia Commons.)

A “mark 1” 1541 Ultimate. (Wikipedia Commons.)

If you have a 1541 Ultimate “mark 1”, my firmware may be of use. Since Gideon is developing new firmware revisions to take advantage of the larger FPGA on the Ultimate-II, official releases for Ultimate-I units have ceased (at least as of this writing).

Since the firmware is open source, I was able to make a custom build for my Ultimate-I with more recent additions than the last official revision for the Ultimate-I. I’m more than happy to share it here.

Version 2.6d.O918.4 Based on Gideon’s SVN revision 131.

Download: 1541-Ultimate-MK1-2.6d.o918r4.zip

Place appl.bin in your sd card root. It doesn’t flash your device, so it’s safe to experiment. You can revert to your official flashed firmware by simply deleting the appl.bin file.

For anyone else who wants to work with any of my revisions, the o918.patch file contains the only modifications I made to the firmware source.

Important features of this firmware revision:

  • File viewer (great for reading the VERSION.NFO files reformatted by the GameBase 64 Reorganizer)
  • Integrated SID player
  • All fixes and compatible features up to official firmware release 2.6d.

My changes and additions:

  1. Added F3 help screen to show 1541U commands.
  2. Modified the file viewer so that scrolling will not advance past the last line.
  3. Added F1 and F7 page up/down to the file viewer.
  4. Modified behavior of the file browser so that when you cursor-right on an item with no children, the context menu is brought up as if you pressed return.

8 thoughts on “1541 Ultimate-I Firmware

  1. Eidis

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication. After a long time of waiting for updates found your firmware and it works like a champ ! Best of luck in your future projects and may God bless.

  2. Brian Popilek

    I just bought one of these off of eBay and I am excited to get it. I know there are more features on the Ultimate-II, but mine has the ethernet port and that is a big plus for me. I was just curious, since it has been quite awhile since your last firmware, if you had any plans to update the firmware any more? Or, do you think it’s as good as it can get? Thanks for all of your hard work! I have saved your firmware file and plan to use it when my unit gets here.

    1. Obliterator918 Post author

      I don’t have any plans for further development of the firmware. It’s pretty much maxed out. I’ve experimented with trying to enable additional features from the mark-2 firmware but there is just no room left.

      I have not tested my firmware on units with Ethernet. It’s been a while since I looked at it but I don’t think that Ethernet support is in this fork of the firmware.

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  4. Andry

    Thank you for this firmware update. It pretty much saved my ass for a demo show recently. Great work and glad to know, my hardware is used to the maximum 🙂


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