C64C Gold: uIEC/SD, JiffyDOS, Reset Switch Commodore mod

The C64C was an update to the C64 that brought a more modern look (for its time) to the Commodore 64. After Commodore finished off its stock of motherboards, it also got a new updated “short board” that cost a lot less to produce. By the time the Commodore 64 was discontinued, they were able to make them at about $20 a pop. Pretty good for something that retailed for about $100.

These short boards were not actually 100% compatible with the older version.¬† Many of the parts were not interchangeable with older boards, and the famous SID chip was actually changed. (If you’re curious, you can test this with a C64C by playing Impossible Mission. If you can’t hear “stay awhile…. staaaaay forever!” then you have the updated SID chip.) Compatibility with the older C64 approached 100% but didn’t quite get there.

Anyway, this particular model has one great advantage: lots of empty space under the keyboard for modifications! So below is what I did with mine, in video and in higher resolution pictures.

  • Added a reset switch.
  • Replaced the KERNAL ROM with JiffyDOS. (My board did not have socketed chips, so I had to remove the old ROM and install a socket.)
  • Internally mounted¬†a uIEC/SD — a great sd2iec-based device for mass storage from Retro Innovations. Easily the most gratifying part of this project!
  • Installed all four control switches for the uIEC/SD, too, and
  • Gave it a gold paint job with a shiny clear coat.

Video and Pictures follow.

8 thoughts on “C64C Gold: uIEC/SD, JiffyDOS, Reset Switch Commodore mod

  1. Jorge Pedreira

    Great job, congratulations!
    I wish I knew some electronics or to use a welder.

  2. Stephen Cameron

    I just picked up a c64c myself, and I’m going to upgrade to JiffyDOS, at first I didn’t see the point. But it’s the load times. I forgot about that! Good job on the build, I’m personally temped to use smaller, more modern switches, those switch are awfully bulky. However, good job none the less! Thumbs up!

    1. Obliterator918 Post author

      JiffyDOS speed is excellent, but I also like the DOS wedge you get with it. BTW if you don’t want to mod your board with JiffyDOS, EasyFlash is a good option as it can load the ROM in on power-on from the cartridge.

  3. Klaws

    Excellent paint Job! Do you own a paint shop, or how did you do that? What did you do with the Commodore badge? Did you put a mask on it, or did you peel it off?

    1. Obliterator918 Post author

      Thanks. No, as the video shows, I just painted it in my shed. I bought spray paint and clear coat from a hardware store. I took the badge off, and unfortunately bent it a little doing so.

  4. Bill Wells

    Now that is a really nice job, guy. Back in the 90’s, before I got this old, I used to mod my stuff, swap chips, etc. Wish I could still do so.
    Looking good !

  5. Chuck Rysted

    Great job. Can you put up a list on where you got everything to make this happen. I was also hoping that you let us know your soldering points on the board. That way we can mimic your great work. Thanks.

    1. Obliterator918 Post author

      I bought most of the stuff at RadioShack which are mostly all closed now. I didn’t keep a list of what I used, sorry. Also, when I soldered the stuff to the bus on the board I ended up “brute forcing it” by using a multi-meter to test which traces connected to which pin on the connector in the back. I used a schematic to know which pin did what, so I would know where to connect it to the sd iec, but I did not make any notes.


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