JiffyDOS and SD2IEC Command Quick Reference Card

Here’s a cheat sheet I printed up because I tend to forget less often used commands for the JiffyDOS DOS wedge. It also has some commands for the SD2IEC for changing and saving the default drive number.

4×6″ Formatted PDF:¬†JiffyDOS_Quick_Reference_Card.pdf

Text file: JiffyDOS Commands.txt Also, the text is wrapped so that the first list of function keys displays nicely on my 1541 Ultimate (and Ultimate 64) file viewer, so this text file can be dropped in the root of the SD card for quick access in the menu.

I printed this out and laminated it. Here are some pics.


Here’s the command list:

JiffyDOS 6 Quick Reference Card

** Function Keys

* F1 = @S:* RETURN Display
* F3 = / Load a BASIC program
* F5 = ^ Load and run a BASIC
* F7 = % Load an ML program 
* F2 = %D List a BASIC program
       from disk 
* F4 = @T List an ASCII (text)
       file from disk 
* F6 = <- Save a BASIC program 
* F8 = @ "S: Scratch a file

** Disk Commands

* @ Read the disk drive error channel 
* @C:newfile=file Copy a file on the same diskette 
* @I Initalize the disk drive 
* @N:diskname,ID Format a NEW diskette 
* @N:diskname Short NEW 
* @Q Disable the JiffyDOS commands 
* @R:newname=oldname Rename A File 
* @S:file1[,file2]...Scratch a file (files) 
* @UJ Reset the disk drive 
* @V Validate a disk 
* @$ Display a disk directory 
* @#device Set the default device number 
* /filename Load a BASIC program 
* ^filename Load and run a BASIC program 
* %filename Load an ML program 
* <-filename Save a BASIC program 
* @B Disable the 1541 head rattle 
* @D:filename List a BASIC program from disk 
* @F Disable the function keys 
* @G Set interleave gapsize 
* @L:filename Lock/Unlock a file 
* @O Un-NEW a basic program 
* @P Toggle printer output 
* @T:filename List an ASCII file from disk 
* @X Set Destination device number 
* *"filename"type Copy a file 
* ffilename Load and run an ML file 
* 'filename Verify a file

** Control Keys

* CONTROL A Toggle all files for copy 
* CONTROL D Default drive toggle 
* CONTROL P Screen Dump 
* CONTROL W Toggle single file for copy

** Other Keys

* SHIFT RUN/STOP Load and run 1st program on disk

** SYS Commands

* SYS58451 Re-enable JiffyDOS commands 
* SYS58551 Re-enable the JiffyDOS function keys 
* SYS65137 Re-enable the JiffyDOS commands (128 mode)

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