My Ultimate 64 and a Commodore SX-64

I finally got my new C64C case from Pixelwizard Retro Shop. If you don’t know about these: these are new cases made from original Commodore C64C molds. They are a perfect fit for real hardware because they are from the real molds. And they make a great option for pairing with a new Ultimate 64. And if you don’t know about that: the U64 is a modern FPGA implementation of the C64 (and then some), with network, USB storage, and HDMI output.

I chose the SX-64 style case. I happened to come across an Aldi C64 keyboard, actually pretty rare in the USA. I like this keyboard because it is nearly white, making a good style match to the original SX-64 colors.

So here are some pics!

1 thought on “My Ultimate 64 and a Commodore SX-64

  1. Pete

    Nice match there, looking good indeed! The first C64Cs series (labeled B1 and B3) have the same white keycaps as the Aldi, but I don’t know if those models were sold in the US.


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