2 thoughts on “Minor update to GameBase 64 Reorganizer (

  1. arthur gill

    the GB53 ver 14 export of filters is not working accurately for me.
    I create the filtered lists (and they are listing the games that ‘have’ carts (I chose the carts view in GB frontend, it listed 305, I then chose ‘export to romlister’ etc), but when I try to create a filtered list of games, the selection of .d64, .tap, .crt etc seems to be random and I do not get ‘only’ a set of .crt files.

    Am I being incredibly stupid?

    The full ultimate ii gamebase list is being exported as a non filtered selection 100% and looks fantastic.
    I just wish to create separate folders to jump straight into a type of file format if at all possible.


    1. Obliterator918 Post author

      I haven’t tested GB14 yet. It wouldn’t surprise me if they made a change that breaks something.


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